Give Yourself Access to the Financial Solutions You Deserve
Together we tailor financial solutions for you. To remove and/or ease the financial obstructions that you may face today. We do so by developing software, blockchain technology, and hardware, to improve your financial comfort by increasing accessibility, usability, and/or security.
What we do for:
Bridge the chasm with a Mimble & Wimble Coin (MWC). This is a hybrid asset, it exists in a digital and physical form. It gives you the power to navigate through both worlds.
Ever doubted the location that you store your physical valuables? Take the opportunity now to guard valuables yourself by owning a Mimble & Wimble Vault, or by making use of one elsewhere.
Do you experience a lack of comfort, accessibility, security and/or privacy in your financial activities? We forged a plan to counter financial obstructions with the software we develop. Try it soon, and feel the difference.
Ecosystem Components
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Behind the Scenes
Team members
  • Laurent David Dobbelaere

    Our Belgian-based founder strongly believes in changing the world of finance and other concepts to accomplish a more practical and sensible environment for individuals and businesses alike. His main goal is to unite his professional contacts around the world to contribute to turning aspirational yet workable ideas into trailblazing on-and offline solutions.

  • Melicio Sergio de Bel

    Melicio is a founder based in Holland with a passion for developing unique concepts and who has a strong desire to contribute to a more ethical world. Upon completing his study Media- and Application Development at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in 2014 he started a training at APSFPS where he has gained experience in corporate development and creative writing over the last 6 years by being involved in several ethical compliant startups, resulting in that he learned to develop a more ethical mindset. He made the promise to become an exemplary individual for the world by weaving ethics in his lifestyle. His responsibility is to guide and watch over the development of Mimble & Wimble Finance to ensure it becomes an entity that is successful and respects the ethical norms and values of others.

  • Lex Bakkes

    Lex is an ex-pilot and Dutch entrepreneur with many years of international business experience. He is specialized in corporate structures, consultancy, writing, legal documentation, and establishing relations with institutional clients. When he and the MWF founders met and they asked him to compose the corporate structure for the company and contribute to bridging the gap between the old and new financial world, he was just about to retire, but was so enthusiastic about the concept that he stated he would happily abandon his plans for retirement in order to build Mimble & Wimble Finance.

  • Tom Wallays

    Tom has 20 years of experience in the marketing and sales of merchant contracts and payment terminals, for the acceptance of Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, EMS, Sodexo, Edenred, and Monizze. At Mimble & Wimble Finance Tom plays a pivotal role in the establishment of Mimble & Wimble ATLAS, and the Mimble & Wimble Merchant Application. The bigger the challenge for Tom, the more ambition he has to overcome it and achieve success. Together with him we are confident to make these two products a great success.

  • Vivek Mittal
    Lead Technical Consultant

    Twelve years ago Vivek was working full time at IBM, where he gained a lot of expertise in programming and IT analysis. Nowadays he is developing applications on “Mainframe Technology”. His primary work is on Assembler(OS/390), COBOL, JCL, VSAM, and DB2. At Mimble & Wimble Finance Vivek is responsible for the back-end, and supervises a team of developers working on our Smart Contracts and Applications.

  • Shaun Preece
    Creative Consultant

    Shaun has decades of experience in the creative field specializing in creating highly detailed artwork and branding creating works for the likes of Coca Cola, The Royal Mint, Under Armour, and more. Alongside his design work, Shaun runs a number of successful businesses including his design agency and is a co-founder of the Desktopography movement. Shaun has won countless awards along with being featured in over 13 industry focused magazines including Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, and Creative Arts. He is a family man, keen musician, fitness freak, and coffee addict.

  • Arjun Patel
    UI / UX Designer

    Arjun is an experienced UI / UX Designer with an eye for making impactful color compilations. In addition to this, he is a Tech Entrepreneur as well with a demonstrated history of working in various disruptive fields in Information and Technologies (IT). This makes Arjun a valuable asset for Mimble & Wimble Finance for advice and designing UI components to ensure our users will get the best experience.

  • Dipen Ardeshna
    Front-end Developer

    Dipen is an experienced Front-end developer, with specifically a lot of expertise in Responsive Designs and SVG Animations. Dipen has already offered his skills and talent to a variety of tech companies around the world and is happy to do so now for Mimble & Wimble Finance.

  • Nikki Loubser
    Switzerland Operations Advisor
  • Daniel Wanger
    Switzerland Operations Advisor
  • Chris Dawe
    AI & Blockchain Advisor

    Chris Dawe grew up in Canada, and over the years he gained a lot of experience in business development and sales. In 2017, he made a big impact together with two IT geniuses (Jesse & Laurens) by establishing Upon successfully raising funds in March 2018 they were able to become pioneers in the AI industry by starting the development of the first decentralized micro-tasking platform for AI development on the blockchain, called Effect Force. Now in 2019 this product has been launched on the EOS blockchain and is fully capable to handle large amounts of tasks to train AI algorithms by data annotations. Chris advises Mimble & Wimble Finance on the development of its applications on the blockchain and on how AI can be integrated to improve these.

  • Niniko Siradze
    Law Advisor

    Niniko Siradze is a law graduate of Ilia State University from 2019. During her studies, she participated in Moot courts (Willem C. Vis international moot court competition in Arbitration, Jessup- the world's largest moot court competition) and gained experience in litigation. Additionally, she completed the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) in the United States as administered by the US Department of State. Niniko will support Mimble & Wimble Finance in legal matters by assisting with the validation of its legal documents and tackling any disputes that may arise in time.

The Roadmap
  • Q3 - 2019
    • Mimble & Wimble Coin Preview
    • Mimble & Wimble Vault Completion
    • Introduction to Nodes
    • Start Supernode Sales
  • Q4 - 2019
    • Mimble & Wimble ATLAS Preview
    • MWF Hotspot Manual 1.0
  • Q1 - 2020
    • Blockchain Technical Preview
    • Supernode Manual 1.0
    • Launch of MW ATLAS Phase I
  • Q2 - 2020
    • Launch of MW ATLAS Phase II
    • Supernode Deployment
    • Start of Coin Generation
  • Q3 - 2020
    • Launch of MW ATLAS Phase III
  • more to be announced soon