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In today’s world, there are many problems caused by possibly you and your fellow humans. This includes deforesting, pushing large varieties of animals to the edge of extinction, treating workers from specific ethnicities, countries, or in certain areas like slaves, obstructing or providing low quality education to children, (especially those who live in relatively poor regions around the globe), striving to gain more power by strengthening AML and KYC procedures with the excuse of obstructing terrorism and criminal activities, while the truth is that billions of people have to financially suffer due to these procedures, and much more.

Mimble & Wimble Finance devotes itself to contribute to ease, solve, and reduce such problems. We do so by committing at least 1% of our net. yearly profit to this cause and by setting up a team of our own (Soon) to combat these problems worldwide.
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We contribute to the "Tech for Good" movement because there is a lack of people, businesses, and especially governments who are willing to make a change for the well being of The Next Generations.

Like we said above, we commit to spending at least 1% of the yearly net. profit to the well being of our next generations. The first topics we focus on are Education & Work, Flora & Fauna, and the Lack of Access to Financial Solutions. Each Mimble & Wimble Coin (MWC) holder will be able to vote each year for purposes and initiatives (within these categories) that will receive a chunk of this 1%, up to 80% of the available funds, for this purpose. The other 20% will always be reserved for a team of our own that will take on challenges that contribute to a better future.

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