The MWF Hotspot
A place where businesses and individuals can convert their physical assets into digital assets (e.g. Gold, and FIAT assets), and the other way around. Additionally, an MWF Hotspot owner can lock-up physical assets in order to increase the digital circulation of these assets on the Mimble & Wimble Chain, (s)he can either lock-up own funds or that of others.

MWF Hotspot Locations

Soon you will be able to find MWF Hotspots on MW ATLAS, you can see if there is an MWF Hotspot nearby by using GPS, or list your own MWF Hotspot!

initial locations
  • Amsterdam (2020)
  • Naaldwijk (2020)
  • Ardooie (2020)
  • Praia (2020)
  • Rotterdam (2020)
  • Spijkenisse (2020)
  • Dubai (TBA)
  • Tokyo (TBA)
  • Zurich (TBA)
More locations to be revealed soon!

To encourage MWF Hotspots to expand, deliver high-quality service, and compete with each other, we link several MWF Hotspot interactions to the Mimble & Wimble Account’s reputation system, this is for both MWF Hotspots and users. By being or making use of an MWF Hotspot without any disputes, no-shows and/or complaints for a transaction, each involved party increases their Reputation Points (RP) by 1 upon successfully completing the transaction in question.

An MWF Hotspot and its user can give each other 1 RP extra upon transaction completion when they satisfied each other (Only once per MWF Account per 24 hours). In the event a dispute arises, the Decentralized Autonomous Governance (DAG) of the Mimble & Wimble Ecosystem can determine the exact penalty, such as putting the Mimble & Wimble Account in question on a blacklist.

- Verified MWF Hotspot.

- Earned at least 1000 RP.

- Verified MWF Hotspot.

- Has an MWF Hotspot capacity of €10.000 or more.

- Earned at least 2000 RP.

- Verified MWF Hotspot.

- Has an MWF Hotspot capacity of €100.000 or more.

- Offers MW Vault Services

- Offers a VIP lounge to MWC holders and MWF partners.

- Earned at least 3000 RP.

How to become an MWF Hotspot:
What Are The
MWF Hotspots Solutions

Store Your Valuables In A Highly-Secure Manner

Isn’t home a safe enough place to store your valuables or is there not enough room to do so? From now on you can either order an MW Vault or go to an MWF Hotspot that has one, in order to store your valuables in a highly-secure manner. Anyone will be able to access their deposit box 24/7/7.

Swap Cash and Precious Metals
Between physical and digital versions

Via MWF Hotspots this is now a possibility, and because a decentralized network of MWF Hotspots will be established, not everywhere KYC or AML protocols can obstruct you from managing your finances.

This is not with the intention to stimulate criminal activities (often used as an excuse by governments to promote fear and anger in order to stay in control), but with the purpose of allowing billions of people that are now obstructed without a financial account, to get one, in order to give them access to a variety of financial solutions that can improve their daily lives.

We dare to challenge governments and existing financial entities to participate by becoming an MWF Hotspot themselves because we can help so many people around the world if we don’t let our evil desires cloud our vision.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

Do you own Valuables? Don’t like to sell these? But are you in need for Cash? For example, you have Gold, Bitcoins, EFX, a Lamborghini, a diamond, etc. Now a situation arises that you are in need of cash (FIAT), and you don’t want to lose ownership of these valuable assets. We experienced ourselves that this can be a frustrating situation, therefore, we introduce to you “Peer-to-Peer Loans”. The MW Account system will play an on a smart contract-based intermediary to manage these Peer-to-Peer loans without having the loan taker be in direct contact with the cash provider, to preserve privacy and make sure no discrimination can take place. Individuals and businesses alike can take a loan of max. 50% of the valuable(s) they use as collateral.

No purpose for your assets? Lock it up at an MWF Hotspot to earn incentives

If you have assets lying around and don’t know what to do with these because there is no or low interest you can gain on it by traditional ways of storing these assets. Then locking up these assets to increase the digital circulation of these assets on the blockchain might be a solution for you to gain more profit via several incentives, whereof one is a portion of ecosystem profits that can be claimed, based on how long you lock-up these assets.