Mimble & Wimble Finance’s most prodigious product is its software to operate decentralized autonomous financial related applications. Specially developed for you, to allow you to overcome financial related obstructions. An example of this is that information about where to use or what to do with crypto-cash is scatterd all over the internet. Therefore, our first software component to be released is the Mimble & Wimble ATLAS. We put priority onto this because we aim it to be the core of the ecosystem. MW ATLAS allows anyone to find a crypto-friendly place and to list his or her own place that accepts cryptocurrencies. All ecosystem components will be linked to it, such as the MWF Hotspots, the Marketplace, the Mimble & Wimble Account Dashboard, the Merchant Application, etc.
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What can we solve?
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What you can do

Deploy or Use an MWF Hotspot

Ever dreamed of being a bank director? This is your chance to become one as you will have to run your own MWF Hotspot, which provides several financial solutions to those seeking these at MW ATLAS.

Do you struggle to become eligible for certain financial solutions, or do you expect political warfare or a financial crisis to negatively manipulate (the value of) your assets? Then start using MWF Hotspots to get, for example, a loan, and to protect your assets by either decentralizing these on the blockchain so no financial entity can lose your assets when they go bankrupt or get robbed, or by locking it up in an autonomous MW Vault with the latest innovations in security and 24/7 access.

Make Quick Borderless Transactions

Have you ever been annoyed that it takes so long to get funds from A to B, especially when you send funds abroad? Or did they doubt your transaction which caused the bank to call you? With the Mimble & Wimble Chain we build, you can easily send a wide variety of assets to anyone anywhere in the world, within seconds, and without interference. Our developers expect to reach 1000 Transactions per second (TPS) with its first launch.

Make Privacy Protected Transactions

For those that require absolute privacy when making a transaction, we love to offer you privacy protected transaction funnels by leveraging on the Mimblewimble protocol, which will be integrated into the Mimble & Wimble Chain. This protocol allows you to make a transaction without it storing addresses on the blockchain, making it feather light (10% of what the Bitcoin network requires) and impossible to trace for others than those involved in the transaction.

Have Your Funds Stored in a Decentralized Manner

Keeping your valuables safe can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t want to depend on a bank or a centralized storage facility. With Mimble & Wimble Finance we make it possible to store Gold, Silver, Euros, Dollars, Yen, etc. on the Mimble & Wimble Chain. The physical form of an asset is pegged 1:1 to the digital form of this asset, to ensure it never loses its physical value; therefore, the Mimble & Wimble Ecosystem will be a new safe haven for your assets, because you are the sole person to be able to access your assets, unless you share certain permissions.

One Time Payment to get a Financial Account

For some their bank account has become too expensive or not lucrative enough. For others it may be that they can’t get a bank account due to too strict AML policies, in addition to the numerous other reasons for individuals and businesses alike to not have a bank account. With the Mimble & Wimble Chain we will solve these juridical and pricy obstacles, by making account creation and trandsactions possible for no/low costs.

Store Any Amount of Value Without Worry

Since we put Old-Assets such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Euros, Dollars, Yen, and more on the Mimble & Wimble Chain (1:1 pegged to the physical asset), it is easier than ever to store all or a large part of your assets in a secure manner (by cryptography) online without interference of a third party. Thus, we make the Mimble & Wimble Ecosystem a safer place than a bank, because it's all managed by you via a simple private key (you can compare this to a password) either stored on a hardware wallet or a piece of paper. For those that fear to lose their private key by theft, natural disasters and/or mismanagement we have a solution in the works, a biometric key, which is currently being developed by Cosine and Mimble & Wimble Finance (this biometric key will have universal use, not only to secure cryptographic based assets).

Tailored Financial Solutions For Religions

We noticed that many individuals from a variety of religions are obstructed in obtaining financial solutions at banks. This is due to the fact that such financial entities cannot comply and/or respect some of the religious norms and values these people uphold. An example of this that many Muslims are against Riba, meaning all forms of interest are prohibited, such as gains made from repayment of a loan where some kind of interest is charged. Working with smart contracts (contracts that are customizable by programming) and a decentralized network of MWF Hotspots, we are able to offer Riba-proof financial solutions. Mimble & Wimble Finance will build financial solutions for such religions, initially to provide Riba-proof solutions. Other solutions we will make upon request.

Share Account permissions With Those You Trust

One of the features of the Mimble & Wimble Chain is its account system that contains several levels of different permissions. Via the Mimble & Wimble Account Dashboard, it will be possible to select certain account permission models without a hustle (or make one yourself). You will do so with a simple click and several verification steps (so no knowledge about programming or blockchain technology is required). For example, to make sure you, your partner, and/or kids can access one or multiple accounts with certain permissions for each of them.

Modular User Interface (UI)

The digital era started with the adoption and proliferation of digital computers and digital record keeping upon the shift from mechanical and analog electronic technology to digital electronics in the late 1950s to the late 1970s. This Digital Revolution, also called the “Third Industrial Revolution” accelerates with a speed of innovations and inventions that many find hard to follow; therefore, especially for those born before this revolution or those born in the early years of the revolution, any applications we build for this ecosystem must become as simple as possible to use. Nevertheless, it should be innovative and appealing for later generations and the next generations as well. Therefore, we will develop applications with modular components, to allow everyone to tailor the application to him or her. This solution is inspired by the development of a modular Electrical Medical Record (EMR) by NEO Health.