Do you have items of value and do you have doubts about the safety of these items? The Mimble & Wimble Vault (MW Vault) is a solution to take control in your own hands by either owning an MW Vault or using one of someone else to store your valuables.
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Design Features
Discover the plug-and-play design delivered as a complete unit for quick installation in small and narrow self-service areas. Need to relocate? Simply move and install it elsewhere, your system is up and running in no time, thereby optimizing your investment. It is easily integrated into any existing environment without the need for physical alterations.
Discover the plug-and-play design, which is delivered as a complete unit and offers all the benefits of a smaller model—quick installation, easy integration—but large enough to feature even more options. Benefit from a large installation that is compact, does not require a pre-built vault and can be easily relocated without physical alterations.
Discover the customizable design that can be adapted for high-duty use at a variety of large-sized locations. The secure transaction room, where customers deposit and retrieve their belongings, can be combined on the same floor level as the vault, on the floor above, or on both floors—depending on your usage needs, security requirements and office space. Install the MW Vault in the basement or cellar. Select your preferred delivery points that offer your clients and/or employees access to the self-service terminals from a lobby on the same and/or upper floor.
Security & Technology
Customers can enter the secure self-service area at any time via a card access reader and authenticate themselves using a password or biometric fingerprint scanning system. The automated system retrieves and delivers the locker compartment, which can be accessed by a personal key, to the terminal. After use, the system closes the locker compartment and automatically sends it back into the MW Vault using the same secure procedure. Staff assistance is not necessary at any time during the retrieval or deposit process.
User Experience
Each MW Vault offers clients and/or employees a user-friendly interactive interface and card reader, both of which are as easy to use as an automated teller machine (ATM). Additionally, users can leave their valuables in a safe deposit without worry as each MW Vault is certified according to FIDUCIA financial system and EMV (Europay, Master Card and VISA) standards, and certified for up to Grade X burglary protection.
Access for Everyone
A special EN 1332-1:2009-certified option allows wheelchair access and eliminates any barriers for customers who have difficulties moving around. An ergonomic, adjustable touch screen attached to the terminal with a flexible arm, a modern and interactive software interface and a card reader makes the MW Vault easy to operate for disabled people.
The system is monitored remotely in real-time, no matter where it is located. The safe-control software enables quick and easy management and control of lockers, providing up-to-the-minute business intelligence and reducing administration.
customizationsA customized solution for your location.

Each version has two different sizes.

Three different locker heights are available.

Select the number of locker compartments to best fit your space.

Specify the terminal's colors and materials, to ensure it will integrate with your existing environment.

Have a look at an MW Vault demonstration:
​Own an MW Vault
What you can offer?

Benefits for making this (part of) your Business

  • Higher utilization rates, due to 24-hour accessibility and undisturbed usage of the service in a secluded secured area.
  • Space-saving, compact, modular, and fully customizable safe deposit lockers can be arranged more tightly together and in less prime office space, such as a basement or cellar.
  • Reduced staff service time, as staff no longer need to accompany clients, and can dedicate their time to other profitable activities.
  • Greater return on investment, thanks to the possibility of increasing locker rental fees and attracting a broader client base.
  • Less back-office administration, as a result of a simpler user login process, automated payment handling, and system monitoring.
  • Greater differentiation from competitors, as each MW Vault unit boasts an innovative concept and design that is unique on the market. As a result, companies working in first-class customer service industries—such as banking—are better able to differentiate their brand by offering premium services to their clients.

Benefits for you as a Client

  • You have 24/7 access to your personal safe deposit.
  • No one other than you can access your safe deposit.
  • The MW Vault is bombproof, bulletproof, waterproof, and foolproof.
  • A CCTV-system is in place to enable you to watch your surroundings via a monitor while you are in the vault cabin.
  • No cameras are installed in the cabin to ensure your privacy is protected.
  • Your safe deposit is secured by a biometric scanner, card reader, password, and a physical key.
  • Rental fees and periods are determined by the MW Vault owner, to create a healthy competition with other MW Vault owners.

Benefits for an MWF Hotspot

  • Increase the circulation of digital Old-Assets on the Mimble & Wimble Chain in a very secure manner, by locking-up non-digital Old-Assets such as Gold and FIAT in one or multiple safe deposits.
  • Offer Peer-to-Peer loans over €100.000 by locking-up physical assets of a client into a safe deposit. For lower loans no MW Vault is mandatory. In the event you have a secure vault already, you will have to register it via your MW Account before you can offer loans of €100.000 or more.
  • Gain a higher MWF Hotspot rating with an MW Vault. The reason for this is that your hotspot is considered to be highly-secure and because you are able to offer more services to Mimble & Wimble Ecosystem users.
​For your location
Purchase an MW Vault

Join the circle of individuals and businesses that enabled themselves to secure their valuables in one of the most innovative and secure vaults of today. Pay an acquisition fee of €10.000 to have us start the process of tailoring a robotic MW Vault to your location, anywhere in the world!

Once the MW Vault is tailored to you and your location, upon your purchase confirmation, the acquisition fee you paid, changes into a down-payment. Ergo, you only pay for the acquisition costs if it turns out that you will not purchase the MW Vault in question.

Prices start at €85.000 for version Small, €145.000 for version Medium, and €195.000 for version MAX. This is for the complete and functional robotic MW Vault system, including a Grade 7 strongroom. It does not include transport (Ex Works Germany), local installation, system setup and activation after physical installation and additional preferred security measures. In places where regular power outages occur, it is advised to install an auxiliary power unit (APU) to secure access to the MW Vault in case the lights go out.

Note that each MW Vault needs to be tailored to its own specific location. Therefore, the total price including transport and installation may vary on a case by case. We advise to use your local contractor for the physical installation of the included strongroom in which the MW Vault system is located. Should circumstances dictate a higher grade strongroom, we can provide you with one that suits your needs.

In order to set up the system and to get it launched, we provide you one of our technicians for this delicate job. Pricing depends on geographical location, availability and naturally, your wishes. Together with you as the Vault operator, we will run an extensive test on the system and provide instructions on how to manage the hardware and remote cliënt control properly.

We can - at your own discretion - provide you with specialised security advice, should the local circumstances demand such measures. This includes e.g. rapid extraction, kill switch activation, (lock-down procedure) instant data-destruction (only to be reactivated by Mimble & Wimble Finance in a separate legal jurisdiction) and passive / active deterrent measures.

In order to purchase an MW Vault, you will have to follow our brief KYC procedure first. Do so by hitting the purchase button below. Note that we can start processing your purchase request only after receipt of the consultancy fee mentioned above. No worries, you will be invited to transfer this retainer only after you passed the short due diligence procedure.

Contact us now at regarding the various ways to settle the bill for your acquisition. We have several options available, including a lombard-credit (deposit secured loan) for selected parties.

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